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Guide bars are made in USA and will fit your concrete chain Saw.

How To Inspect A Concrete Guide Bar for Damage

Experienced saw operators don’t bend bars often, but every pro user will occasionally have their saw’s bar in the wrong place at the right time. It can’t be avoided. So when a bar experiences “tree trauma,” stop and inspect it. Sometimes it is easy to see it is OK, and you can go on cutting. Other times it is necessary to stoop and take a good look.

To inspect a guide bar for damage, first remove it from the saw. Wipe away any dust or debris and look for anything obvious. If all the surfaces look good, hold it level with your eye and look down the rails as if they were a site on a gun. This can be done from either end of the bar. If your bar is bent, you will see sweeps or bends in its body. If you have never looked at a bar from this angle before, you will be surprised how visible even a slight bend is.